Join Us!


Our socials are a big hit at all our locations.  Players of all levels can come join the fun.  Socials are led by our certified pickleball professionals who are there to meet and greet, organize play and make sure play is running smoothly.  

Players can meet new players to play with, come with friends to play, or test their skills on our “challenge courts”. 

Socials differ from “drop in play” as our pros are on hand to organize play.  Play is free for members and $10 for non-members ($15 for S. Pasadena location).

Current schedule as of June 2024:

8:00-10:00am (La Habra)
Dinks ‘n Donuts
Host: Pam Purcell

7:00-10:00 pm (Arcadia)
Host: Joe & Leslie Matias

7:00-10:00pm (Arcadia)
Host: Joe & Leslie Matias

8:00-10:00am (La Habra)
Chick a Dinks

7:00-10:00 pm (Arcadia)
Host: Joe & Leslie Matias


7:00-10:30 am (S. Pasadena)
Host: Blake Rutledge

7:00-10:00pm (S. El Monte)
Host: Will Lam

9:00-12:00pm (S. El Monte)
Dink ‘n Donuts
Host: Will Lam

7:00-10:30pm (S. Pasadena)
Host: Sandy Chila

7:00-10:30am (S. Pasadena)
Host: Isaac Smith

Reach us at (626) 667-0688 or