brand ambassadors

iPickle Brand Ambassadors

Are you a pickleball fanatic?

Would you like to join the fun and help promote the fastest growing game in the country with the fastest growing pickleball company in Southern California?

We are looking for fun, enthusiastic pickleball addicts to help us grow the game of pickleball!  In particular, we are looking for people who can help us run tournaments, social events, help with social media, pictures, promotions and much more!

At each iPickle location, we have limited spots for pickleball ambassadors to help promote our programs..

Perks of being an iPickle ambassador include:

1) Free and/or discounted iPickle club memberships
2) Free and/or discounted entries into iPickle tournaments
3) Free and/or discounted enrollment in iPickle classes & camps
4) Free and/or discounted iPickle gear including hats, t-shirts & collared shirts
5) Wholesale and/or discounted pricing on pickleball paddles 
6) Wholesale and/or discounted pricing on balls

Interested?  Please fill out our application form . . . we look forward to hearing from you!

Reach us at (626) 667-0688 or